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Battle Box Company UK Outdoor Den
Battle Box Company UK Outdoor Den

BattleBox the birth of an idea

BattleBox died a few years ago. Their dream was for original toys that excited the mind and the imagination without having to depend on CGI and high resolution screens.

They defined themselves thus:

Many of us have forgotten how exciting the most simple things in life can be. There’s nothing more thrilling than sleeping under canvas, with only the stars and the wild beasts of the forest for company. The flicker of the flames casting long shadows while reading tales of derring-do and toasting marshmallows over the camp fire will have even the most boisterous Adventurers in silent rapture. 

Adventure is lacking in so many children’s lives. Far too many have never fished, started a camp fire, walked the hills, used a compass, swum in natural water or marvelled at the night sky above.

BattleBox is about educating and inspiring children to explore the world around them. To encourage them to get off their computers and televisions and see that the real world is a far more exciting place to be! To show them that even in the most unexpected and unremarkable places there are still many adventures to be had. Even a back yard is capable of transformation to base camp and a pile of stones a secret den – all that’s needed is a little imagination and some BattleBox kit!

The chance to explore our natural world should be part of the heritage and upbringing of any child.  So many of the most exciting and beautiful things in Britain lie far from concrete buildings and street lights.

At BattleBox we have good quality Adventure Kit made for real Adventurers, ranging from The Great British Explorer’s Kit, to The Dangerous Den Kit and our best-selling Great British Camping Kit, and many more. Our kits contain everything needed to encourage children to get out into the Great British outdoors, and are all designed to help them have their very own adventures – building dens, camping in the wilds, reading the night sky and learning about real Heroes.

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BattleBox did not last but the idea lives on

As well as Classic Nordic and American furniture designs, we will shortly be launching an area of our new website for classic, traditional and retro children’s toys and games, ranging from old wooden classics to new concepts and ideas.